The earth, the vineyard, the people, the flora and fauna, the buildings, the rain – everything that exists on our 33 acre site – work in harmony to grow great grapes, and produce fine wine. Our entire wine life, from farming to sales is rooted in intelligent integration. When you set foot upon the estate, you have literally walked into that life.

Surrounded on three sides by forest and open sky on the fourth, the physical site is a haven from bustle, and a setting for stunning vistas.  Our home, winery and tasting venues are all unified into one surprising structure and endeavor.  The vineyard supplies geothermal heat and cooling to our facility, and in return, the facility captures, filters and stores rainwater for the vines. The preserved biodiversity affords natural protection from pests and disease. Our Babydoll sheep mow the vineyard, prune and fertilize the vines, and occasionally pester visitors for that highly coveted head scratch.

There is an inherent sense of tranquility filled with plenty of purpose. Our visitors are encouraged to explore and wander the grounds, learn how the components work together, and share in this unique place.