Wine Tasting

Wine tasting at Native Flora is intimate, fun and unhurried. We are one of a handful of premium producing, boutique wineries in the valley that offer an owner-led, private tasting experience. Tasting with the owners offers first-hand insights into vineyard, winemaking, and business decisions - and an opportunity to ask questions rarely fielded in an open tasting room. Since our appointments are limited each day, we ask that you come with the intention to purchase at least 3 bottles per person.

Tastings typically take an hour as we answer questions and browse through the vast array of wines we offer. Our atmosphere is casual; you are encouraged to relax, breathe some fresh air, crack a joke, and ask whatever you like. We enjoy the personal nature of our tastings – we get to know our patrons as they get to know our wines and life.

All of our guests seem to appreciate the tranquility of our site, and the private nature of their visit. It allows everyone to wind down a notch or two, and enjoy both wines and conversation. There is a definite reason that we call our home “The Dundee Hills Winery Sanctum”.  Whether you are the ultimate “pinot snob” (who we dearly love), or a newer consumer trying to decipher the world of wine, we’ll do our best to make you feel at home while we delight your palate.  


Schedule Your Tasting

We offer regular tasting appointments Thursday through Monday, which you can book directly through the calendar below – select a date, then select an available time slot to set up your visit. We also host private tastings for alternative days and times as our schedule permits, but those visits must be booked directly with us by phone.

Party size is normally limited to 8, but if you have more, please contact us via email at, or phone 503-504-1990 to see if we can accommodate your needs. If you happen to be in the area, or simply prefer to call us directly for an appointment, please do so. We enjoy sharing our wines and look forward to welcoming wine enthusiasts into our life.


Situated midway between the Ribbon Ridge AVA and the city of Dundee, you can reach us either via Highway 240 or from downtown Dundee. If coming west from Newberg on 240, simply turn left on Worden Hill Rd (be careful at the turn as oncoming traffic can be difficult to see), then travel 1.5 miles to our driveway. If in Dundee, turn north on 9th Street which becomes Worden Hill Rd, travel 4.5 miles to reach us.

We do not maintain any road signage. Our entrance is marked by an old silver barn with a white door and a broad chimney sticking out of its roof. This is the old prune dryer dating back to the 1930’s, when this area was a huge producer of plums, prunes and cherries. Our driveway runs right behind the barn. The entrance gate is very non-descript, and always closed - it keeps out deer. There is a keypad to open the gate. When you arrive, call us so we can give you the gate code for the day, and further instructions on finding us on top of the hill.

Once up top, you can see over 80 other vineyards and wineries in the distance!

11812 NE Worden Hill Rd, Newberg, OR 97132 | 503-504-1990