2015 PMS


Pinot, Malbec, Syrah

We both love Australia's GSM's - a three red blend. Scott has always wanted to do something similar, so 10 years ago we planted Malbec and Syrah where it can't possibly grow - here at Native Flora. After pruning trials, canopy trials, nutrition trials, etc. we finally figured out how to grow the impossible. Pinot-Malbec-Syrah; PMS. Moody, whimsical, yummy.

Price: $48/bottle

  • AVA: Dundee Hills

  • Barrel Regimen: Neutral barrel, 17 months in barrel

  • ABV: 13.1% Alcohol

  • Aging Potential: 15+ years

  • Cases Produced: 80


We will contact you via phone to confirm the order, advise you of total expense, and get your credit card details.

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